Extreme sports travel insurance

When going abroad is recommended to take travel insurance with you, but it becomes essential if you will also practice extreme sports. If that’s your case, better quote, compare and buy -right here- the extreme sports travel insurance you need!


On our web page, we offer around 450 plans, managed by more than 20 world leading insurance companies. That’s why we guaranteed that you’ll find here the perfect protection for your trip.

All the plans we offer are tailored to suit each traveler’s needs, so if you’re going to practice a determined extreme sport, you will for sure find -at TheTravelInsurers.com- a policy specifically design for that matter.

How do I know which insurance I should purchase?

To help you in the selection of your perfect extreme sports travel insurance, we’ve set at your disposal two online tools, so you can quote and compare different plans simultaneously.

To use them, fill the quotation form you’ll find at the top of this same page with relevant information about your trip, like your departure and return dates, the places of origin and destination, your age and the type of trip you’ll make.

After you’ve filled in all the blank boxes, click on the “Quote Now” button. Immediately, a list with all the plans available will appear on screen. Take a look at it and select the ones you like the most, compare them with the help of our online comparison tool, so you can see the coverage and the scopes of each one. 

This way it’ll be a lot easier for you to choose your perfect policy.

This insurance covers any kind of sport?

Yes, our plans can be tailored to perfectly fit your needs according to the sport you’re going to practice abroad. Just tell us which one is it and, with the help of our allied insurance companies, we’ll design the perfect plan for you.

Trust in us and let us protect you with our extreme sports travel insurance during your adventure away from home! It’ll be the best of your decisions!