Travel health insurance

Each year, after all the hard work we’ve done, the most expected moment is when our vacations actually begin. All we want to do is to take our bags and get right away on the plane! But before doing this, it's essential that we first hire travel health insurance.


In some destinations, like Cuba and all the Europeans countries, a travel insurance policy is a compulsory requirement in order to allow our entrance to those nations. Nevertheless, whether if it’s obligatory or no, at we recommend you to never leave your country without counting first with travel insurance.

Why is it so important to hire this policy? 

When we leave our comfort zone and travel somewhere far from home, everything can happen. It’s not about thinking negatively, but about being cautious.

Every time you make a trip to that place you’ve been wanting to meet for so long, the less you could think of is that something could go wrong.

But the truth is that we’ll never know what’s going to happen, so there are two chances: the trip will be awesome and no emergency will occur or you'll face an unforeseen situation.

If this last thing happens, but you previously hired an insurance policy, then you can feel relieved and confident because we’ll cover your back at all times.

What does travel health insurance covers?

This will always depend on which policy you acquire and from which company, but most of the plans give you: free medical assistance, dental services, medicines, medical repatriation, hospitalization, emergency surgeries, hotel expenses for sickness and even legal assistance.

Besides, all the policies we offer at include travel assistance, an exclusive service that will guarantee you personalized and immediate attention 24/7, each day of the year.

So wait no longer to quote, compare, and buy the perfect travel health insurance for your next dream vacations! Trust in us and let us protect you anywhere and anytime!