Travel insurance with preexisting conditions

The idea of offering travel insurance plans is being able to protect all kinds of travelers. That is why among the policies you’ll find here, we can name: travel insurance with preexisting conditions.  


In case you don’t know what that is, we’ll tell you right now: It’s a travel insurance policy specifically designed for those travelers with previous history of chronic diseases.

Most of the policies don’t include this coverage, that’s why we recommend travelers to buy this specific insurance if they have some kind of special condition that needs constant health cares.

How can I purchase travel insurance with preexisting conditions?

To acquire this protection plan, all you have to is to follow these next three steps:

  • Quote: Fill the quotation form you’ll find at the top of this same web page with relevant information about the trip you’ll make. After you’ve filled in all the boxes, click on the “Quote Now” button.

  • Compare: Once step number one is completed, a list with all the plans that fit your needs will appear in from of you. Select the ones you like the most and analyze them using our online comparison tool. This way you’ll be able to see the coverage and the scopes of each one.

  • Buy: At this point you should already know which plan is best for you. If so, then buy it online, with the payment method of your preference! The policy will be sent to your email and it’ll be ready to be used!

What diseases are covered by this insurance?

Among the illnesses covered by this policy, we can name: cancer, hypertension, glaucoma, heart diseases, arrhythmia, cerebrovascular diseases, dementia, epilepsy, asthma, HIV, leukemia, anemia, among many others.

So if you have any of these conditions, before getting on the plane, purchase here -at the travel insurance with preexisting conditions you need! It will be your best decision!