Obligatory travel insurance

obligatory travel insurance

Did you know that you won’t be allowed in some countries if you don’t take with you a travel insurance policy? The nations that require foreigner travelers to take obligatory travel insurance with them are actually quite famous travel destinations, so you better know which ones they are!


Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place, at TheTravelInsurers.com we’re experts providing our clients exactly what they’re looking for.

When will I need obligatory travel insurance?

You’ll need to take a policy with you if you’re visiting -for example- any of the countries that form the Schengen Area, a European territory that has deleted its internal borders but reinforced the externals.

This is to say that if you’re a foreigner traveler, meaning that you haven’t born in any of the Schengen nations, then you’ll have to be aligned with all the requirements European authorities demand.  

Precisely one of the requests it’s to ask foreigner travelers to take travel insurance with them, in order to allow their entrance into the country they’re intending to visit.

Is the Schengen Area the only place where I’ll need compulsory travel insurance?

Of course not, note that if you’re planning to travel to Cuba, you’ll also need to purchase compulsory travel insurance, otherwise migration authorities will have the right of not letting you in.

So if you don’t want to go through uncomfortable situations better stay with the law and before getting on the plane, purchase the insurance plan you need -at the best price on the market- only at TheTravelInsurers.com.

How can I buy my travel insurance?

All you have to do is quote your plan using the form you’ll find at the top of this page. Then, compare the options we’ll present you and at last, buy the insurance you’re looking forwith the payment method of your preference.

To travel safe is easy, just trust in TheTravelInsurers.com and let us protect you with our obligatory travel insurance!




"We are completely satisfied for having counted with you in our last trip to Cairo. It was the first time we purchased travel insurance with you and from now on we will always do it, thanks for everything, assistance and coverage". Davie and Christine, 42 & 45 years, Manchester


“I feel satisfied with the advice I received when I asked for it, from the policy purchase (I had some restrictions and specific needs), up to its use, because nothing in your life can be more reassuring than having insurance to cover your needs and those of the ones we love.” Helge, 29 years, Munich


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