Go! Travel Assistance


Go Travel Assistance offers travel assistance services anytime and anywhere!

Covering young travelers around the world is the main aim of Go! Travel Assistance, a company that works along with TheTravelInsurers.com, providing the best services to travelers anywhere and anytime.


This is not a regular insurance company, but a provider of travel assistance services in real time, 24 hours a day, the whole year round.

According to what it can be read on its web page, the company offers the ideal coverage, at the best price, in a way that is simple, fast and safe!

Besides, Go! Travel Assistance operates with more than 30 emergency centers and counts with the major network of medical specialists in the world.

The protection you need

This is a novel travel insurance company, but it is backed up by a major insurer that has a wide experience in the field.

We are talking about Axa Assistance, a firm that also offers its plans and services through our website: TheTravelInsurers.com.

All Go! Travel Assistance’s products are managed by this insurer, which means that if you hire one of its protection plans, you will count with the services of a company with many years of experience behind.

The Axa Assistance’s main objective is to offer immediate solutions, so nothing can stop you from enjoying your trip. The company is present in a total of 30 countries and commercializes its products in more than 70. Plus, it has an intervention capacity in around 200 nations!  

This only means that whether if you hire your travel insurance with Go! Travel or with Axa, you will for sure be protected anywhere you go!

All we ask you to do is to trust in us and let us take care of you with the help of Go! Travel Assistance! It will be your best decision!