Allianz Assistance


Allianz Assistances is a traveler's assistance provider with 60 years experience.

Allianz Assistance is a worldwide provider of traveler’s assistance services. The company belongs to the Allianz Group and was founded around 60 years ago. To the date, it has presence across 5 continents and in a total of 34 countries.


During its whole history, Allianz Assistance wasn’t always named that way. This organization began in Switzerland in 1950, but during that time was known as ELVIA Travel Insurance.

Later on, and after many alliances with other Europeans insurers, between the years of 2008 and 2009 started operating under the name we now know: Allianz Global Assistance.

About the company

  • The organization provides its travel assistance services 24/7 the whole year round. 
  • A total of 13.224 people work for Allianz Assistance.
  • The company provides travel assistance in 58 different languages.
  • Allianz Assistance's global network is composed of medical experts, automotive technicians, home repair, legal advisors, counsellors and social service workers.
  • As an insurer, makes 1 intervention every 2 seconds and assists 6.038 people every hour.

Plans managed by Allianz Assistance

Among the plans managed by this company and commercialized at, we can name the following:  

  • Domestic travel insurance: This policy works to be protected during a trip across your own country.
  • International travel insurance: Going abroad? Then this is the insurance for you! Just quote, compare and buy at
  • Cruise travel insurance: When you’re spending your vacations on board of a cruise, you need a specific protection plan. This is  the right one!  
  • Annual travel insurance: Frequent travelers don’t need to spend on travel insurance each time they go abroad. Instead, they can buy this annual plan and be protected for 365 days.

To purchase one of Allianz Assistance’s policies, simply use the online tools we’ve set at your disposal at our web page to quote, compare and buy the perfect protection plan for your trip.

Trust in us and let us take care of you with Allianz Assistance! It will be your best decision!