Our History

LLC Group specializes in online services and has been working since 2002 through leader travel insurance websites, which have been developed for different markets around the world, mainly in America and Europe.


From the beginning, LLC Group has been supplying travel assistance products all around America and Spain.

It has also expanded worldwide, with the aim of advising each customer with the best travel option, apart from guaranteeing the best price with promotions and benefits all year long.

We have always counted with an important online and telephone support structure for users during all the quotation and purchase process.

Each insurance agent and producer are ready to give you counseling service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, before, during and after your trip.

THETRAVELINSURERS.COM arises from the demands of the current market and the people's needs to search different alternatives of assistance products or travel insurance plans.

People used to demand from travel insurance or travel assistance companies a fast, efficient and safe purchase process.

Latin Assistance LLC Group was the first company to listen and understand this claim from users, and that is why it is the first one to have a comparison and quoting tool online for travel insurance and travel assistance.

Latin Assistance LLC Group, with over 12 years of uninterrupted dealings, has launched related leading brands and websites around the world oriented to supplying traveler services and it has also developed companies in different countries, widening its world presence through the appointment of marketing and operational agents worldwide.

The blend of experience and specialization of the founding partners, make TheTravelInsurers.com a new success of the Latin Assistance LLC Group.



"We are completely satisfied for having counted with you in our last trip to Cairo. It was the first time we purchased travel insurance with you and from now on we will always do it, thanks for everything, assistance and coverage". Davie and Christine, 42 & 45 years, Manchester


“I feel satisfied with the advice I received when I asked for it, from the policy purchase (I had some restrictions and specific needs), up to its use, because nothing in your life can be more reassuring than having insurance to cover your needs and those of the ones we love.” Helge, 29 years, Munich


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