Travel Insurance for USA

If you think we can’t provide insurance for domestic trips, then we must say you’re wrong. On our web page, you’ll be able to find the travel insurance for USA that you need if you’re planning to be a tourist in our own country.


USA is a wide nation and, it has many places that deserve a viewing. So if instead of flying overseas, you’re spending your holidays somewhere inside the country, we guaranteed you’ll find here the policy that will keep you protected all the way.

But before quoting your national travel insurance, is very important for you to know that we can only provide you with travel assistance services if the trip you’re making is at least 62 miles (or more) away from your hometown. So bear this in mind before purchasing your policy. 

Is it important to acquire travel insurance for USA?

Of course it is! It doesn’t matter where you’re traveling or when, having travel insurance will give you the necessary peace of mind to enjoy your trip the way you deserve it.

And in case you think this policy isn’t necessary, because you already have health insurance; bear in mind that with this last one you can be protected in terms of medical assistance, but other important things will be uncovered.

If you hire national travel insurance, you’ll count with services such as: medical assistance in case of sickness or accident, emergency medical evacuation, flight and hotel rebooking, lost baggage search, stolen luggage replacement assistance, lost passport/travel documents assistance, emergency cash transfer, urgent message relay, among many more benefits!

How can I purchase this policy?

To acquire your national travel insurance, all you have to do is quote, compare and buy, right there, at!

To do so, fill -with relevant information about your trip- the quotation form you’ll find at the top of this page. Then, using our online comparison tool, compare among many policies and once you’ve decided which one is perfect for you, buy it through our secure payment system. 

Hire with us the travel insurance for USA you need and be safe all across the nation!