New security and safety measures for cruises

Travelers are constantly exposed to different risks. And, of course, when they travel by sea, they are not exempt from it. That’s why we’ll talk just ahead about the new security and safety measures for cruises.


First, note that according to information published in the USA Today, “despite some high-profile incidents (…), passengers are safer on a cruise than on land, as most cruise lines go to extraordinary lengths to follow security procedures and all are subject to stringent regulations”. 

So -in case you’re wondering- yes, it is completely safe to travel on a cruise. However, as it’s always better to prevent, keep on reading to find out:

Which are the new security and safety measures for cruises?

  • Right after boarding the ship, find the ship map. It will be useful to orient yourself about the places you can visit and the activities you can do. It’s also recommended to know the locations of the safety and medical stations, as well as the place where the emergency boats are stored.
  • Alert a cruise member if you think a strange situation is happening on board or if you believe something is unsafe.
  • Listen carefully all the indications enunciated during the safety drill, a prevention tool designed to help passengers understand everything they need to do in case of an emergency or evacuation.
  • Know where your life jacket is. It is often stored in your room, usually in the closet or in a drawer. It’s recommended to try it on, just to be sure it fits you, if doesn’t, let a cruise member know it and ask him to find you a new one.
  • Try not to get sick. Cruise passengers are often confined to determinate areas, this means diseases can spread easily. To avoid it, wash your hands regularly or at least after touching common use objects.

These are some of the new security and safety measures for cruises. Have them all in count when traveling by sea. Also, remember to purchase cruise travel insurance with us, so you can be truly protected anywhere and anytime!