Travel insurance for pregnant women

Hiring travel insurance is highly important. But there’s specially one occasion when you shouldn't hesitate about whether if buying it or no. That moment comes when you’re a woman expecting a baby. So if that’s your case, we recommend you to purchase here the travel insurance for pregnant women you need!  


Pregnancy will never be a trammel for traveling, but there’re some considerations that must be taken into account, with the only intention of being cautious. We'll explain them just ahead:

Can I travel during my entire pregnancy?

The accurate answer to this question will always depend on how well you feel and what your Doctor says.

Bear this is mind: If you’re pregnant, don’t travel before first consulting it with a specialist. Only a professional will be able tell you if it’s safe or not to make the trip.

Now, in case the Doctor approves your trip, the first thing you must do right after buying your airplane ticket, is to purchase travel insuranceAnd the place to do it is here, at!

What’s the coverage of travel insurance for pregnant women?

Before answering this question, we must tell you that most policies only cover women until determined weeks of their pregnancy, so before buying your plan, consider how many weeks you have and how long your trip will last.

With this is mind, proceed to contact us. You can quote, compare and buy your insurance all by yourself using the tools we’ve set at your disposal on our web page or you can communicate with us and -with the help of an advisor- choose the prefect policy.

About the coverage, most of the protection plans we have, include: medical assistance for pregnancy, medical assistance in case of sickness or accident, hospitalization expenses, repatriation, hotel expenses for convalescence and many more benefits!

Our advice is that you stop waiting and purchase right now the travel insurance for pregnant women you need! It will be your best decision!