Trip cancellation insurance

There are times that no matter how much we plan something, at the end, they just don’t happen and trips aren’t exempt from it. That’s why among the travel insurance plans we offer, there is a trip cancellation insurance policy.


In case you wonder when it's recommended to acquire this plan, our answer is: every time you make a trip, because this way you will have a back-up in case an event of force majeure cancels it.

Basically, this insurance will allow you to have back all the money you invested in that trip you didn’t make.

Isn’t this coverage included in all insurance plans?

Most plans offer trip cancellation coverage or the services of flight and hotel rebooking, as well as compensation in case of delay or canceled flight. But the problem is that you will only enjoy of these benefits if you meet certain -and very strict- requirements.

This is exactly why we suggest you to acquire both insurance policies if what you want is to be safe during your trip and -at the same time- protect your investment.

How trip cancellation insurance works?

In case you don’t get to make your trip, let the insurer know. If your reason matches with the ones described in the policy’s Terms and Conditions, then the insurance company should compensate you with an amount that should be equivalent to what you spent on the plane ticket and the hotel booking.

This way you won’t lose your inversion and -later on- you can re-use that money to pay for a new trip!

When will I be able to use my insurance?

You can use your policy if:

  • You get injured or sick unexpectedly.
  • Somebody in your family is hospitalized or dies.
  • An unforeseen natural disaster occurs at home or at the destination place.
  • You have an unexpected legal obligation, as being called for jury duty or to appear as a witness in court.

To know more about our trip cancellation insurance, quote and compare online or simply give us a call! All we want is to protect you anywhere and anytime!