Student exchange travel insurance

Exchange trips offer many advantages since they are awesome opportunities to receive formal education in foreign lands while meeting new places, people, languages and cultures. Nevertheless, is you’re making that kind of trip, remember to take with you a student exchange travel insurance policy.


To purchase the perfect protection plan, all you have to do is quote, compare and buy right here, at, where you’ll undoubtedly find the best prices on the market!

Which companies offer student exchange travel insurance?

All of the companies that work with us include this policy among their offered protection plans. This means that it doesn’t matter which is the insurer of your preference, you will for sure find here the perfect policy for your trip. 

Note that at we have a large range of options. On our web page you can choose among 450 plans, managed by around 20 of the more worldwide recognized insurance companies

How can I select the right policy for me?

About this subject, is important for you to know that before buying travel insurance, you must first know for sure which your departure and return dates are. Once you have this clear, make your own quotation filling the form you’ll find at the top of this page.

Then, compare the options our system will present you. Select the ones you like the most and, therefore, buy online the insurance policy of your preference.

To choose correctly, bear in mind the coverage that best suits your needs, the price of the policy and its scope. Also remember that if you’re going -for example- to Europe, you’ll need a higher coverage scope than if you’re going to South America.

However, no matter where you’re going either for how long, always do it protected by student exchange travel insurance, which you can purchase right here, at the best price on the market!