Golf travel insurance

At we have insurance policies for all kinds of trips, so if during your holidays you’re planning to practice some sort of sport, like for example golf, then we recommend you to acquire golf travel insurance.


Traveling with an insurance policy in your pocket is highly important, as you never know what could happen during the time you'll be abroad. However, if you’re also practicing a sport during your vacations, then the purchase of travel insurance becomes essential.

Why should I buy golf travel insurance?

First and most importantly, because with a policy you can be sure that, no matter what happens, you’ll always have a hand to help you out in case an emergency occurs.

Second, if you are a golf player, then you know how expensive golf equipment is. And the best way to keep it safe, it’s traveling with an insurance policy, as one of the included coverages is a monetary compensation in case your equipment gets lost, stolen or damaged.

Also note that all the policies you will find on our webpage are completely tailored to suit the especial needs golfers have, so if you hire one of our plans, you will for sure count with the protection you require.

What other services are included in this plan?

Among the benefits you’ll enjoy if you hire your policy with us, we can name:

  • Medical coverage in case of illness or accident.
  • Emergency medical evacuation.
  • Emergency dental service.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Urgent message relay to family, friends or business associates.
  • Non-refundable green fees.
  • Lost, stolen and/or damaged possessions assistance.
  • 24-hour travel assistance.
  • Among many more benefits!

To purchase your golf travel insurance, all you have to do is quote, compare and buy -right here- the policy that will keep you, and your belongings, safe during the whole trip!