Hunting trip insurance

If there’s a sport that requires traveling, that is hunting, because generally people who practice it tend to visit different places around the world seeking for the greatest of the adventures. But this sport also brings along many dangers, that’s why we recommend purchasing hunting trip insurance.


Having an insurance policy will give you the necessary peace of mind to truly enjoy any activity you’re planning to do, and will also keep you safe in the case of an unforeseen event.

The importance of hiring hunting trip insurance

If you’re a hunter, then you must know how dangerous this sport can be, as you’re dealing with weapons and wild animals in recondite places. This means that -when practicing it- you’re at risk at all times. 

Among the incidents to which you are exposed during a hunting trip, we can name: animal attacks, misfires and falls while running behind a prey.

On the occasion of any of the things mentioned above, the hunter will require emergency medical assistance, which is actually one of the services included in this policy.  

Besides, as all the plans we offer at are completely tailored to suit the needs of all travelers, another benefit included in this insurance is the assistance in case of loss belongings, so you can be sure your hunting equipment will be just as protected as you are.

What’s the full coverage of this insurance?

To know the full coverage, we recommend you to make your own quotation using the tools we’ve set at your disposal at This way, you’ll be able to see the coverage and the scopes of each one of our plans

Nevertheless, among the services included in this policy, we can name: emergency medical evacuation, medical expenses, trip cancellation, liability, compensation for lost or stolen luggage, etc.

So if you want to be protected during your entire adventure abroad; better quote, compare and buy with us the hunting travel insurance you need!