Security regulations to travel to Europe

Are you planning on crossing the Atlantic Ocean anytime soon? If the answer is yes, this article is for you.  We'll talk about the security regulations to travel to Europe that you have to take into consideration.


First and most importantly, you must understand that most European nations are grouped into something called the Schengen Area, which corresponds to a united territory where all its internal borders have been opened. But this is a benefit only nationals of the signatory countries can enjoy.

So bear in mind, if you’re traveling to Europe, and depending on your origin country, there might be some documents you have to take with you. Those are: your passport and a travel insurance policy, as both might be required upon your arrival.

Moreover, at the airport, you’ll encounter with two different check points. One is set for Schengen nationals, while the other is meant for all foreign travelers. If you’re a foreign citizen, you’ll have to line in the second one, where a migration officer will check all your papers and allow you (or not) the entrance into the territory.

Airplane protocols

Among the security regulations to travel Europe you need to know that airplane protocols are included.  

To go by air to the Schengen Area, all common rules apply. This means that in your hand luggage you can’t take sharp objects, either explosive or inflammable items. If you’re carrying liquids, those can’t be larger than 100 ml and they must be stored in a plastic bag.

At the moment of entering the duty free area, you’ll have to pass through a scanner and take off your jacket, shoes and all metal items you may carry.

For further information, we advise you to visit the consulate web site of the country you’ll visit, so you can make your trip knowing every important detail about it.

We hope the security regulations to travel to Europe mentioned above can be useful for you. Besides, remember to purchase -in advance of your departure date- the travel insurance that will keep you protected all the way through!