Insurance for Cuba

If it is the first time you travel to Cuba, you are going to need some advice, but if it is the second or third, you must already know that having insurance for Cuba is compulsory. That's  we are sure that you will appreciate the following useful information:


We receive many questions regarding insurance for Cuba, most of them asking about security conditions and hospital assistance, among many others.

First, it's important for you know that Cuba is a very safe country when it comes to crime, but you can always bump into light-fingered people who can snatch your belongings, so be careful and take care of your things, as soon as you enter the country.

About hospital assistance, this is top-level and the professionals are well trained. But, if you are a foreigner, you need to have your own health insurance to enter Cuba, even if you're planning to stay there for just a few days.  

Besides, you never know if you’ll need medical assistance, so before start preparing everything, acquire the policy that covers you with this service, as well as with other necessary benefits, like hospitalization expenses, prescribe medicines, lost baggage search, etc.

You’re at the right place!

If you need a policy for Cuba, you can quote it, compare it and buy it with us. Here, at, you’ll find different types of travel insurance plans and they all meet the requirements of the Cuban government.

To acquire your policy, fill the form you’ll find at the top of this website with all the relevant information about your trip. Then, analyze the options we’ll present you with our comparison tool and -at last- buy online your perfect travel insurance for Cuba!

At you’ll find everything you need and more, so trust in us and purchase here the insurance for Cuba that you need!