How I can improve my travel insurance services?

On our site you’ll find plans designed for all kinds of trips and travelers. All of them are managed by around 30 insurance companies, so here you will for sure get the protection you need! Besides, with us, you can also improve your travel insurance services in case you want to!


To do so, all you have to is give us a call and tell us you need us to improve your travel insurance. You'll probably have to pay a monetary difference, but it will be consistent with the amount of benefits you’ll enjoy and their quality.

To know how to contact us, simply visit this link, where you’ll find the phone number of our offices around the world, as well as our email direction, WhatsApp number and even Skype account. Another easy way to contact is writing us through the online chat you’ll find at the bottom and to the right of this page.

What are the improvements I’m able to make?

You can make pretty much any improvement you wish. What we want the most is that you travel safe having with everything you need.

Among the changes allowed we can name the expansion of your medical assistance coverage. You can also add extra services, like compensation for trip cancellation, liability, medical assistance for preexisting conditions, medical assistance for pregnant woman, protection of your personal belongings and technological objects, among many more things!

When should I improve my travel insurance services?

You can improve them if you the travel insurance you hired doesn’t quite fit for all your needs. You can do this whenever you want, as long as the trip hasn’t started.

Nevertheless, we advise you to choose your policy correctly, with the help of our advisors, so at once you can acquire the protection you need.

We ask you to trust in and let us protect you anywhere and anytime!