What do you need to know before purchasing travel insurance?

Buying an insurance policy for your trip is the right decision to make, as it will allow you to have any travel assistance service you need. Nevertheless, there are some things you must know before purchasing travel insurance.

First and most importantly, you should already have a date for your trip. Don’t buy it if you still don’t know when you’re traveling, unless you need the policy to obtain a visa, as this is one of the most frequently required documents for this kind of proceedings.

Now, in case you don't need a visa, the second most important thing that should be clear before is the nature of your trip, meaning what you’re planning to do during your time abroad. Then, point out the places where you’re going and the entire duration of your trip.  

Once all of the above is clear, you’ll be ready to choose the perfect travel insurance!

How do I choose my policy?

To pick the plan that best suits your needs, just follow the next three steps:

  1. Quote: At the top of this same web page you'll find a quotation form. Fill it with relevant information about your trip, like dates of departure and return, places of origin and destination, your age, your email, among other things.
  2. Compare: Once step number 1 is completed, a list with all the insurance  plans available will be shown to you. Select the ones you like the most and analyze them with the use of our online comparison tool.
  3. Buy: After you’ve seen the coverage and the scopes of several policies, you will be able to make a decision about which one to purchase. Then, all you’ll have to do is to buy online using the payment method of your preference.

This is how easy it is to purchase the perfect travel insurance for you at TheTravelInsurers.com. Let us protect you anywhere and anytime!