Insurance for expatriates

Among the 450 policies we offer at we can name the insurance for expatriates, which is a protection plan designed for those who are thinking about spending a long period of time living abroad.


Specifically, an expatriate is a person who resides in a different country in a temporary or permanent way. Expatriation may be due to personal or labor reasons, as in some cases there are companies that send their employees to work for a while in foreign lands.

Protection in the face of any situation

Insurance for expatriates is designed to cover all kinds of emergencies or unforeseen situations a person could go through during the time abroad.

Some of the services included in this policy are:

  • Emergency return travel arrangements.
  • Emergency medical evacuation.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains.
  • Emergency prescription replacement.
  • Dispatch of doctor or specialist.
  • Medical equipment rental/replacement.
  • Lost baggage search.
  • Stolen luggage replacement assistance.
  • Lost passport/travel documents assistance.
  • ATM locator.
  • Emergency cash transfer assistance.
  • Urgent message relay to family, friends or business associates.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Among other benefits.

Considerations to take into account 

If you’ll live abroad for a while, our advice to you is to purchase travel insurance prior to the date of your departure, this way you’ll be covered straight from day one.

Also, bear in mind that this policy can only be bought on a 6 month to annual basis, so if the time you’ll spend abroad is longer, then you must renew your protection plan every once in a while, until the return to your country or until you become a permanent resident in the new place.

What’s most important it's to always remember that no matter where you’re going or for how long, you should always take the necessary protection with you.

So wait no longer and buy, at, the insurance for expatriates you need. Simply trust in us and let us protect you anytime and anywhere!

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