Best backpackers travel insurance

If you’re leaving the country to go explore different destinations carrying just a rucksack, then we advise you to purchase only the best backpackers travel insurance, so you can be fully protected throughout the whole duration of your trip.


To know if you are getting the best policy or not, simply use the tools we’ve at your disposal on our website. Those are:

  • Quotation form: At the top of this same page you’ll find a form that you can fill with all the relevant information about your trip. Once it’s completed, click on the “Quote Now” button and a list with all the insurance plans that suit your search criteria will appear on screen.
  • Comparison tool: From the roster, select the plans you like the most and use this tool to compare them simultaneously. This will allow you to see which are the coverage and the scopes of the policies you picked.

All of this will make easier the decision process and -at last- you’ll be able to buy, through our secure payment system, the best backpackers travel insurance there is!

Policy coverage

To fit into the category of the best policy, your plan must include all the following benefits and more: 

  • Medical assistance in case of sudden sickness or accident.
  • 24-hour travel assistance line.
  • Compensation for lost luggage.
  • Emergency return travel arrangements.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains, among others. 

Your policy should be valid for the entire duration of your trip. It’s also recommend that includes an extra time, as backpackers often tend to stay abroad for a little longer than planned.

Besides, to make sure you’re acquiring the best policy, check if the its benefits are applicable when practicing an extreme sport or an adventure activity and if it keep you covered in case you decide to work or volunteer during the time abroad.

With all of this in mind, wait not longer to quote, compare and buy -at the best backpacker travel insurance that exists! 

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