Ski travel insurance

The best of winter is precisely being able to practice winter sports and ski is one of the most commons, so if you’re planning to go on holidays and slide on the snow, you better get ski travel insurance.


This will be your backup in case something gets to happen. Bear in mind that if you’re going to practice any kind of sport during your vacations; it’s not recommended, but essential that you acquire travel insurance.

Choose the perfect plan for you

At we offer more than 450 policies, so you can choose the one that best fits your need. We guaranteed that you’ll find with us the perfect protection plan for your trip.

To select your ski insurance, all you have to do is quote your own policy filling the form you’ll find at the top of this page. Once all the blank boxes are completed, click on the “Quote Now” button.

A list with several insurance plans will appear on screen. Take a look at it and analyze the ones you like the most with the use of our online comparison tool. This will allow you to see the coverage and the scopes of all the plans you picked.

If you already know which insurance is perfect for you, then buy it online through our secure payment system. The policy will be sent to your email and you’ll be more than ready to go to the slopes!

Why is important to hire ski travel insurance?

Whether if you’re an expert or a beginner, it’s important to count with the necessary protection if you’re going to practice any kind of sport, especially if it’s an extreme one.

When practicing ski you can fall and get injured. This may require medical assistance, but note that as you were skiing, you must be very high on a mountain and the best transport to get you to the nearest hospital will probably an airplane.

With travel insurance you’ll count with the coverage of emergency medical evacuation and with many more benefits that will make your life easier while being abroad.

That's why all we ask you to do is trust in and let us protect you anytime and anywhere with our ski travel insurance! 

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