Group travel insurance

If you’re traveling with companions, we advise you to purchase group travel insurance, as this will allow you to be fully protected during your time abroad and -at the same time- save some money!


It will always be cheaper to purchase just one policy to cover all travelers, than to buy a different insurance plan for each one of them. So better put your money aside to spend it on your trip, and acquire here the perfect protection for you and your friends or family.

What are the benefits of purchasing group travel insurance?

If you buy this plan, you and your traveling companions will count with all the following benefits:

  • Emergency return travel arrangements.
  • Flight and hotel rebooking.
  • Legal assistance.
  • 24-hour travel assistance line.
  • Emergency cash transfer assistance.
  • ATM locator.
  • Lost passport/travel documents assistance.
  • Lost baggage search.
  • Stolen luggage replacement assistance.
  • Medical assistance in case of sickness or accident.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains.
  • Emergency medical evacuation.
  • Among many more benefits!

It’s also important for you to know that on this website you’ll be able to quote and compare your own plan, using the online tools we’ve set at your disposal.

This means that at you won’t only acquire an insurance policy to keep you and your friends protected during the whole trip, but also the bought plan will for sure be the one that best fits your needs, as you’ll be able make your selection among a wide variety.

To purchase group travel insurance, how many people should be traveling?

This plan can only be sold when the amount of passengers is equal or superior to 5 and -usually- not higher than 25. So if the quantity of people traveling with you is among this range, wait not longer to purchase the policy that will keep you covered from the beginning till the end of the trip!

To be protected anywhere and anytime, quote, compare and buy right now, at, the group travel insurance you -and your companions- need!