Foreign travel insurance

Every time more people are going abroad due to many reasons, like traveling for simple pleasure, studying or even working. But no matter which your travel reasons are, you should always count with foreign travel insurance to be protected anytime and anywhere.


There are many travel destinations around the world, but two of most commons are the Caribbean Sea and Europe. Specifically, in this last one, an insurance policy is mandatory if you want to visit any of the 26 countries that belong to the Schengen Area.   

In this case, is obligatory that you hire travel insurance before leaving your hometown. But whether if it is a strict requirement or not, our recommendation is that any time you go abroad, you do it with international insurance covering your back.

It is not about thinking that things could go wrong, but about being cautious, because we never know what can happen when we are away from home. Besides, bear in mind that even the simplest medical consultation can be pretty expensive in foreign lands.

So, to do not overspend money and exceed your budget, always hire a protection plan before your journey abroad begins.

What does foreign travel insurance cover?

The simplest plan can give you medical assistance for a total amount of 10.000 American dollars. This will cover you in case of sickness or accident during your trip.

Most protection plans also cover: luggage loss compensation, emergency dental service, medicine and hospitalization expenses, repatriation of mortal remains, legal support, free travel assistance and help in case you lose personal documents or objects, among other benefits.

As you can see, with foreign travel insurance you will be protected everywhere you go! That is why we invite you to quote, compare and buy the policy you need at! We are sure you will not regret!