What to take into account when you purchase travel insurance?

Many questions may pop up to your mind before traveling abroad, one of them could be: what to take into account when you purchase travel insurance? And that’s exactly what we’ll answer for you in this article!


The first thing to need to take into account when buying travel insurance is what you’re planning to do during your trip. This will define what kind of insurance to buy, as the same policy that works perfect for a student, won’t be that efficient for an executive.

So, primarily, determine what type of trip you’ll make. Once this is clear, the second thing to need to take into account is the duration of your trip and how many times in the same year you’re planning to travel.

Note that there are policies for long and short stays as well as for frequent travelers, this last one will be perfect for you if you make several short trips during the year.

When and where

When buying travel insurance is also very important to take into account where you’re going. And yes, this may sound obvious, but we prefer to make it clear, because there’re places where the authorities have set specifications for the policy they ask tourists to take with them.

For example, in Europe your insurance needs to have a minimum coverage of 30.000 euros, otherwise you many not being allowed to get into the Schengen area. While in Cuba, the government asks all travelers to take with them travel insurance with a scope of at least 10.000 American dollars.

To purchase your protection plan is also very important that you know precisely when you’re traveling, as the policy will only be activated during the dates you'll be abroad.

Quote, compare and buy!

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