Can I count with health care on arrival to destination?

Health care on arrival to destination is a service included in each travel insurance policy that exists. Basically, consists in providing emergency medical assistance to the traveler at the moment of arriving at the final destination.


In case of getting sick when traveling by land or sea, the traveler should call the insurance company’s emergency center even when he is still traveling. This way, the insurer will be able to move quickly and be at the agreed place at the time the person arrives.  

But if the trip is being made by air, once the airplane lands, the insured can address to the company’s office at the airport (if there is one) and ask there for the needed assistance.

If the insurer doesn't have headquarters at the airport, then the traveler should try to communicate as soon as possible with it, so the purchased service can be used.

Will I have to pay for health care on arrival to destination?

If you bought comprehensive travel insurance, then you won’t have to pay a cent to have health care on arrival to destination, as it’s a service you already paid for when you hired the policy.

Nevertheless, if the travel insurance you bought is a basic one and has a deductible, then -before being able to use any of its services- you need to make a payment that will be set by the travel insurance company.

This is why we recommend you to ask any question you may have before buying your travel insurance, so you don’t need to make any extra payments after the purchase.  

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