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Obligatory insurance for Europe

If you’re planning to make a trip anytime soon to an European country or -more specifically- to the Schengen area, then you must hire, in advance, a mandatory Travel Insurance for Europe.


You may be wondering why we call it mandatory. The answer is that, since 1995, all foreign travelers need to present a Travel Insurance policy to the migration officers when they arrive to the Schengen territory.

That´s because an agreement -signed that same year by around 20 European nations- established the free circulation of people between countries. But there’s a clause: the European citizenship is needed.

And that’s why, if you’re a foreigner who was born in the Americas, Asia, Africa or Australia; you need to take a Travel Insurence with you to be allowed into the Schengen territory.

How can I buy the required Insurance for Europe?

The first thing you need to know is that you’ve come to the right place! Here, at you’ll be able to purchase the perfect Insurance for Europe at the best price on the market!

All you have to do is: To quote, fill in the form you’ll find at the top of this same web page; compare the different Travel Insurance plans using our online comparison tool; and -finally- buy the plan of your preference, through our secure payment system. 

Once the purchase has been made, the documentation will be sent to your email, and it will be more than ready to be used!

What´s included?

The services included in this insurance, are:

  • Medical assistance in case of sickness or accident.
  • Lost of luggage.
  • Delated flight expenses.
  • Emergency medical evacuation.
  • Funerary Repatriation.
  • Urgent message relay.
  • Among many more benefits!

Before the date of your flight gets closer, quote, compare and buy the required and mandatory Insurance for Europe that will keep you protected all the way! It will be your best decision!

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